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7th Grade Inspirations

During 7th Grade, I set out to begin a new journey of my artistic life. I sure did not believe that I could have came this far in terms of creating abstract visual art, nor did I expect that I would have started high school, let alone college. But I took and flew with my influences about nature, science, and music, and strove to develop a cure for the stereotype that truly inspirational visual material could have only came into the world through professional artists and managements such as Sony Pictures or Lucasfilm.

During my free time in middle school and high school I sought out to create different worlds with 3D animation, mathematical equations and unrequitedness of the highest visual standard. If I felt that my adhd caused me to work even harder on the fine details of certain robust wireframe than perhaps animation should be created solely to evoke change in visual tapestry and musical dissonance with the viewer. So for 6 years I took the chance to create visuals that look both appealing and treacherous, and this is my story for how my journey ended.


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